Voluspa Italian Bellini Petite Jar Candle
  • Voluspa Italian Bellini Petite Jar Candle

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    Notes of Sparkling Wine & White Peach.

    Drink in the effervescent scent of iconic sparkling champagne - a cocktail of fresh white peach, pureéd with berries and delicate rosewater. This festive scent says "Cheers!" to celebrate special days and joyfully lifts spirits to transform lackluster into celebration.

    A surprising hint of decor for any space, the Petite Jar Candle is small yet eye-catching with glass embossed in the Maison Collection pattern. A metallic decorative lid can be used to extinguish the flame or keep the candle dust-free when not in use. This candle makes the perfect travel companion or thoughtful gift.

    Burn Time: ~ 40 Hours
    Fill: 4.5 oz.