Natural Fungal Nail Gel Treatment
  • Natural Fungal Nail Gel Treatment

    An extra-strength topical treatment that penetrates the nail (even with polish) to breakdown & eliminate fungus. The affected nail will be restored back to its original state while formula works to relieve discomfort or irritated skin naturally. Most users see & feel results within 1-2 weeks. Due to the slow pace at which nails grow, we recommend using the product until satisfactory results are achieved.How it Works: Probelle Fungal Treatments are the only products on the market using patented lauric esters. These lauric esters are extracted from coconut & palm kernel oil to restore nails affected by fungus naturally. Much like a good gardener tending to plants by targeting weeds, lauric esters safely breakdown & remove fungus while protecting the skin from irritation or harmful side effects. Dermatologist Tested Non-IrritantOdorlessClinically Tested94% Success RateColorless100% NaturalExtra StrengthClinically ProvenOver 94% Improvement & Success Rate in a 6 Week Clinical Test* with 35 subjects which were required to apply the gel once a day for 6 weeks.*Clinically Tested Results by Clinical Research Laboratories, LLC (Clinical Test Number: CRL22116).Dermatologist TestedUnder the conditions of a repeated insult patch test procedure conducted with 51 subjects (49% of whom had self-perceived sensitive skin), the results indicate that the gel does not associate with skin irritation or allergic contact dermatitis.0.5 OZ/15 MLMade in USA